Feb 16, 2011

"No perfect."

"There is no perfect"

the horse is not perfect
his white mask runs short of his left eye
his white socks run up to his knees...only on three
his right front is not working
his leg's shadow's symmetry is fouled

the road is not perfect
its fresh pavement lined with bumps
its fresh paint poorly aligned
its fresh gravel sporadicly imbedded
the road will be old again soon

the landscape is not perfect
it has not a cloud in the air
it has power poles and their shadows obstructing my view
it has a "down grade" road sign cradled by overgrown twin weeds 
the sky has an ugly grey haze, not one of my favorite days

I am not perfect
I overexposed my photo
I was in the wrong position
I did not focus thoroughly 
I did not think it through

I pick out every detail I can acknowledge 
I overlook the fact that it is a horse on a road
I overlook the fact that he is on the wrong side
I overlook the fact that nobody is perfect
I overlook the fact that everybody is perfect
I overlook the fact that there is no perfect

I overlook...


1 comment:

  1. Imagine what that horse thinks about you... haha